Kenzofish.com is a local resource for the thriving and growing River Wards community in Philadelphia, providing information on happenings, events, food and culture.

With a local directory and easy to use calendar, Kenzofish.com is the go-to website to find out about daily events happening in the area.

Kenzofish.com was founded by Sarah Puleo in 2015.

Kenzofish.com is an online destination to find out about all things happening in the Riverwards. Whether you are new to the neighborhood, visiting from out of town, grew up here, or moved away and want to check back, Kenzofish.com will keep you up to date with all the interesting happenings here, including events, food, drink, culture, art, music and community affairs.

If you have tips or questions, or would like to contribute to the website, email kenzofishphilly@gmail.com.